Friday, March 7, 2014

Land of the Rose-Line

AmmaRosa: The House of Sophia "AmmaRosa is a 5-bedroom rustic French cottage perched on a hillside overlooking the medieval Troubadour Chateau of Puivert, in the Aude region of Southern France. Puivert is famed for its Courts of Love, Cathar alliances and the spirit of celebration. Nestled in-between Monsegur and Rennes les Chateau, the valley of Puivert was once known as the Garden of Eden, and still to this day the harmonious perfection of paradise still lingers. Many people believe that this land is known as ‘The Grail Trail”, the legendary footsteps of Mary Magdalene as she made her way from Saintes Maries de la Mers towards the more secluded parts of the Aude and Ariege regions." - from the AmmaRosa website.

Monday, March 3, 2014