Monday, April 28, 2014

Oswald Wirth Tarot - The Joker

The desert sand cat of North Africa, what type of cat is biting The Joker? Le Fou, I`m going to call him the Joker. "The Thief of Bagdad" with Douglas Fairbanks 1924. The men are wearing HUGE turbans like the Joker card (click to enlarge). The original Oswald With cards from 1889, note the darker skin tone, the oversized turban, and the beard - the Joker is a Moor. They taught alchemy to the Templars. Caracal cats of Africa. The Templars and the Saracens.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Marseilles Deck - Arcana Originals

The Marseilles Empress, L` Empiratrice. The Marseilles Pape, The Pope card. The Fool from the Marseilles deck, note how similar his hat and face are to our modern playing card "Kings". L` Imperatrice "The Empress" from the Marseilles, France deck. On some cards she appears to have a throne behind her, but we see here that she has her two wings behind her.

The Plantard Copies and the Colored Wirth Cards

These cards are in order as numbered on the deck: Le Fou #0 (each has a Hebrew letter as well), La Papessa #2, L` Imperatrice #3 signed 1962, L` Empereur #4 signed legibly "Plantard" 1961, Le Pape #5 1965 with the Hebrew letter that is also drawn on the card in the diagram below. The diagram by Hans showing the positions of Le Fou (The Fool) and Le Pape (The Pope) at Rennes-le-Bains church (click to enlarge). L` Imperatrice from the Wirth deck, we finally get to see her with her head and we discover that she is an angel with a halo of stars and that she has wings! A white eagle on a crest in New Orleans, it is connected to the Lazarists. "I have a picture of a white eagle with one head in my travels with the research in the Acadians I found it in New Orleans and its connected to the Lazarists what you can't see is the arch that is like the arch of the sun in Plantard's book. It is located in Our Lady of Bon Succor." - Lovuian Le Pape from the Wirth deck in a cheery red robe. Are those Hapsburg eagles on the Wirth card shields?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Centurion Stone as a Map

The Centurion Stone found near Rennes-le-Chateau near the Centurion rock formation, compare to the river on the map. The same design on a family crest in gold at the top. Diagram drawn on the river by Wombat.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Plantard Tarot

The Fool card with the Rennes-le-Bains church in the background. (Any information about these cards would be appreciated). Here is something from Plantard ("The Hermeticist's Point of View" by Pierre Plantard) : "Gisors is the northernmost point of an equilateral triangle over France. The lower 2 points are Montreval-en-Brecce near the Swiss border and Jarnac near the Atlantic coast. The triangle is important because Bourges is in the center, it was important to the Priory. Plantard mentions Isis and the design and architecture of Gisors. The Nautonnier refers to the masons who sailed to their destinations in order to build. Compare to the triangle on the Fool card. Bourges Cathedral. Blazon de Bourges. The "Pope of Rennes-le-Bains" with Rennes-le-Bains church in the background (see photo). This photograph determines which version of the card is the true one as several of the cards have been copied reversed. "The Pope of Rennes-le-Bains" is a painting after a Tarot card by Oswald Wirth based on the Marseilles deck. This painting based on a tarot card hung in Rennes-le-Baines church which can be clearly seen in the background of the card. The Pope card from the Osvald Wirth deck. The Tower of Alchemy at the Chateau Hautpoul, Rennes-le-Chateau. It is visible in the Priestess card called "The Papessa". "The important things are the details, and they are not visible. She has a book (knowledge) on which the triangle with a point inside is painted. The same as on the hat of the fool, and nearly the same as on the little parchment. The sign of "endless" is also on the book, and she is holding her finger between the pages. Where is she standing? It could be on the way to the main entrance of the RLC church, the little walls left and right of the way look like this. It makes sense, she is a priestess, she could also be an icon for the MM church itself. She could also be in the Belvedere." - Hans "I saw three more cards, with the buildings Tour Magdala and Chateau Hautpoul painted in the background." - Hans The King of Wands with the Rennes-le-Chateau Magdalene Tower in the background. On his shoulder is the All-Seeing Eye and on his chest are the sun and the moon. The tour Magdala, the Magdalene Tower at Rennes-le-Chateau. The Empress card - there is a camel, a Masonic square, and a draftsman`s French Curve stencil tool painted on the wall (Plantard had trained as a draftsman which is apparent in the fine renderings of the buildings in the Plantard Tarot). A knight looks at us from the bottom of the picture. The camel represents the Templar knights in the Holy Land and in Egypt. The symbol on the shield of the Empress resembles the black bird, the alchemical crow, the Prima Materia. The curve design on the wall may be the Hebrew letter "Gimel" which means "camel". The knight at the bottom of the Empress card is a self-portrait of the artist, Pierre Plantard in this photo. His signature is visible and legible on the Emperor card. French curves - tools of the draftsman. Rennes-le-Chateau church interior. The Empress inside the RLC church, restoration by Wombat. The upside down triangle is seen on the Plantard cards, but not on the Wirth cards. It is on the turban of the Fool/Joker and on the bodice of the Empress, it can also be seen on the cover of the book held by the Papessa - it is an alchemical symbol. The issue of Vaincre with the 5 cards, this is the only information we have about them. "In the ORDER OF SION there are three stages through which one has to pass (namely the Blue Lodges, the Chapters and the Commanderies) before one reaches the Arch of the 13 Rose + Croix, i.e. THE ROUND TABLE. To reach the Round Table one must make the 64th transition, that which defies space and time. Only then does one become the MADMAN or the FOOL or the BISHOP, whose cap is the MITRE. There are only two ways of making this transition from 64 to 1: either via the square of 14 (Temperance) or via the square of 15 ,,, as found in the 22 trumps of the TAROT OF MARSEILLES (Marceille). The Round Table is located at Le Roc Nègre near Rennes-les-Bains in the Aude." - from the From an interview with Gino Sandri, an acolyte of Plantard's: Quote: "... in the tradition of the Priory of Sion there is a kind of specific geography of France. All this has been explained in certain publications that are available to everyone. In particular, Bourges is given as the centre of France, and there are three doors, three special places that are Gisors, Jarnac and Montreval. Jarnac was the door of the scorpion in this affair. There are other places, of course. It's a kind of network covering France and Europe. And of course, Rennes-le-Chateau and its region have their place in this network."