Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Green Cross of Chartres and the Blue Dragon of Tobit

The green cross of the windows of Chartres Cathedral symbolizing the cross being made from the Tree of life. The Deposition of Christ from the green cross - Chartres Cathedral. The illumination from the Medieval Tobit page painted and gilded in the scriptorium at Chartres 12th c. The Tau is green, "T" being a form of the cross. The blue winged dragon is a type of the Seraphim who hung on the staff of Moses during the confrontation with the fiery flying serpents in the wilderness from the book of Exodus. This painting is a version of the caduceus which stands for medicine, the Book of Tobit is known for the medicinal use of fish organs and is used in medical journals of medieval times as a reference. In this way, the painting does match the Tobit subject!