Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Sator Square and the Seal of Poussin

A modern illuminated SATOR square. The seal of Poussin, the lady with the ship and the motto "TENET CONFIDENTUM" - "tenet" ties this seal to the SATOR Square. A Sator Square was found on the walls of Pompeii. Ship seal by Cesare Ripa who was admired by Poussin. Poussin had rare access to the drawings of Ripa and Raphael. Photo collage from the ARQUA Magazine interview with Gasc. "To meet the expectations of your readers, I'll make a few clarifications.... The seal of the painter Nicolas Poussin with its motto: "Tenet Confidentiam" expression of his secret, as we know has a direct link with the Sator square, magic square, but remained mysterious to this day. Chick (Poussin) without giving the explanation refers to TENET, hold, manage a vessel, where the presence of a ship, unusual picture in the painter but refers specifically to the table (painting) JASON, proving the connection with my paintings. The seal CHICK (seal of Poussin) is a loaded symbol ... The ship Argo (S) painted in JASON is undeniably the nave (ship) image on the seal 0f Poussin CHICK. ARGO whose Greek sources, essential for decoding Poussin, state that takes its name from the word argos, "fast" but the city ARGOS city east of ARCADIA, where it was built." - Francois Gasc. (Gasc refers to the "Jonah" painting of the two as the JASON ARGOS painting. "Poussin" means "chicken" in French and the computer translates it from the French as "CHICK"). Gasc states that the ship on the seal of Poussin shows his interest in this symbol which is the subject of both paintings.


  1. Hello - You have a post of my Sator Square on this site, that is fine but could you please attribute it to me as it is my work. Thank you, Ruth Venner Artist Calligrapher

  2. Ruth Venner Artist Calligrapher illuminated the top SATOR square so beautifully.