Saturday, May 23, 2015

Viking Runes inside of Maes Howe - Orkadia

These runes are included here on the Limoux Poussin page because the rune inscriptions mention that "Crusaders broke into Maes Howe", it is mentioned twice. Also they tell of an ancient treasure that was taken from the Howe by one man in three days, this was written twice as well. "Another carving states, “That will be true which I say, that treasure was carried away. Treasure was carried away three nights before they broke this mound” (Cooijmans, Figure 11). It is thought that “they” refers to the “Jerusalem men” mentioned previously. Yet another inscription identifies the culprit: “Hókon alone carried treasure from this mound” (Cooijmans, Figure 12). While it is uncertain if treasure really ever was hidden at Maeshowe, and if it was taken away, the inscriptions are certainly fascinating examples of the kind of activity that could have occurred." Maes Howe. Viking dragon carving. Maes Howe entrance. Viking runes inside of Maes Howe, Viking rune graffiti. Viking reunion at Maes Howe.

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