Monday, June 2, 2014

Gisors, Jarnac, and Montrevel en Bresse

Gisors. Jarnac. Montrevel en Bresse. Here is something from Plantard ("The Hermeticist's Point of View" by Pierre Plantard) : "Gisors is the northernmost point of an equilateral triangle over France. The lower 2 points are Montreval-en-Brecce near the Swiss border and Jarnac near the Atlantic coast. The triangle is important because Bourges is in the center, it was important to the Priory." Plantard mentions Isis and the design and architecture of Gisors. The Nautonnier refers to the masons who sailed to their destinations in order to build. Compare to the triangle on the Fool card. Bourges Cathedral - most beautiful stained glass. Bourges in the middle of the triangle of the Jester. A window from Bourges Cathedral. There is the triangle on the Fool/Jester card which is a map (see the above Plantard quote)and an "X" marks the spot on the top of the Fool`s staff. The bell on the staff stands for a church. Superimpose the triangle map of France on the Fool card, align the triangles, and see where the "X" on the staff lands to find the mystery location of Plantard. Where would the "X" on the staff line up? Troyes? Troyes was named for Troy and so was Paris, the hero of Troy. But perhaps the "X" on the staff of the Fool points to Vezelay, France where the Romanesque basilica holds the bones of Mary Magdalene. Does the symbol on the throne of the king of Wands resemble the insignia of the Priory of Sion? The symbol on the throne of the king seems to be a modified Alchemical Serpents logo.

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