Sunday, June 15, 2014

Plantard and Gisors

"The quote was from a de Sède's book: "The Chariot of the Sea, the White Ship of Juno with the sixty-three lights of which Canopus is one, the sublime eye of the architect, which opens every seventy years to contemplate the Universe, the ship Argo that transported the Golden Fleece, in Christianity the modest barque of Peter. It is the symbolic Ark where nothing profane can penetrate without incurring punishment: 'To the sacriligious a fall, to the thief death within a year.' Only those who are capable of working the cube of the wood of Mars - that magic 'die' entrusted to the vigilance of two children: Castor and Pollux - to perfection, in every sense, can enter there." Trying to penetrate through the Hermetic as quickly as possible, the star Canopus was identified with the eye of God, who looked at the Universe every 70 years. Canopus is the second brightest star in the night's sky, but only visible South of 36 degrees North - hence completely invisible throughout France, let alone Gisors. Nevertheless, Plantard was saying that Gisors had been created with alignments to this star - which from an astronomical point was impossible; but from an alchemical point meant that Canopus and Gisors had a "subterranean connection". Canopus, situated South of Sirius, is the main star of the constellation Argo, the ship, and hence the numerous references to the Golden Fleece and the barque. In essence, Plantard describes it as a "star gate of the righteous", where the evil will fall or die, the righteous will… resurrect - though the latter is not specifically mentioned by Plantard. So where did Plantard get this from? - the question posed by de Santillana and von Dechend. It took me from approx. 1992 to 2003 to unravel this enigma; many people along the way, such as Wim Zitman and Clive Prince, tried to help, but in the end, it was something which was so remarkable and straightforward that I myself only realised it when the book had already been typeset - and hence had to go trough the entire process once again; pushing its publication from 2003 to 2004. To condense 100,000 words into a few paragraphs: Plantard had used knowledge from ancient Africa, which had been passed on to the ancient Egyptians, had been retained in the Hermetic writings, and had ended up with Plantard. This placed Canopus as the "Lighthouse of the Universe", who together with Sirius "regulated" the movements of the souls - at the same time, it was identified with the "centre of the Universe", the omphalos, from which Mankind had always aspired to reach Heaven and the Gods - a "star gate for the soul", for those hoping to end the cycle of incarnations and "become a God". Though on reading the above, it might seem difficult to realise, but - trust me - it is remarkable that Plantard in the 60s used this imagery to describe Gisors." - from Filip Coppens, "The Canopus Revelation". "The Alchemical Blackbird of Rennes-le-Chateau" - the Pierre Plantard tarot Imperatrice or Empress with an abstract blackbird on her shield is sitting in front of the RLC interior chapel railing with the RLC Templar checkerboard tiles on the floor. I believe that to be a self-portrait of the artist as a Templar knight in the foreground leaning on an artists leaning stick bending down to kiss the foot of the angel-Empress which rests on a crescent moon inverted. The Revelation of St. John mentions the woman "with the moon under her feet" so this is a double reference. The inverted crescent is also a Templar symbol of victory over the Saracens in the Holy Land. Plantard has drawn a Mason`s square, a Templar camel, and the Hebrew letter "gimel" which means "camel". Plantard photo-copied these cards backwards and they can be viewed either way, his signature is in the lower right hand corner with the date 1962. Color comparison by Hans of the Pope card, on the left is the Pope card by Oswald Wirth and on the right is Pierre Plantard`s "Pope of Rennes-le-Bains" with the RLB church in the background. Hans noticed that the two sides of the RLB Plantard throne are of two different colors. The shoes of the Fool card at RLB are also one green and one red.

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